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The Artist

Hello! My name’s Sam, AKA Shadowed Force. I’m a 23 year old web developer who also has a large collection of BJDs. I started doing faceups in 2012, which is when I got my first doll, and opened my beginner shop in 2013. I always wanted to help other collectors create the doll of their dreams, which is why I am where I am!

I began collecting in college, which is where I continued my love for the web. I graduated in May of 2016 from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Communications. I now live in Fargo and am working for one of the fastest growing small businesses in North Dakota as a web designer.

When I’m not playing with my dolls, I’m either playing video games, cosplaying, or playing with my cat. I like to attend anime conventions, the most common being Anime Fargo or Anime Detour. I’m a lover of RPG, puzzle, horror, and thriller games, with story being an important aspect to me.

I married my husband, who’s also a big nerd, in October of 2017. While he doesn’t collect dolls, he appreciates their aesthetics and the character creation behind them. However, my mother is also in the hobby with me, and has a BJD collection of her very own that’s filled with elves and fantasy creatures. I often attend the Twin Cities BJD meetups with her.

My Doll Collection

You can find all of my doll profiles on my Den of Angels account. I find that my collection is always growing and changing, with hybrids constantly coming about and new characters developing after a love-at-first-sight situation.